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Bioskills Training and Innovation Center

Our state-of-the-art bioskills training and innovation laboratory serves as an integral part of training for residents, fellows and surgeons.  Specialized commercial device manufacturers and distributors also find this space optimum for courses and medical professional workshops.  Procedures in the lab are preformed on cadaver specimens - allowing for the most realistic training possible.

Our Center is located at the Patewood Memorial Campus of Prisma Health Upstate.. It is programmed for up to 30 participants via 10 surgical stations, conferencing areas for associated didactic sessions and complete changing room/shower facilities. 

This unique lab is available for surgeons, device manufacturers, surgical technicians and researchers.  


Contact Matt Hoyle to schedule your session: 

Wylab lab.jpg
Avail System, an integrated audio/visual hardware and software system allows us to collaborate with remote views via Hawkins ZOOM room i
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