Hawkins Foundation Clinical Research Assistant

The Hawkins Foundation is seeking a Clinical Research Assistant to preform the following tasks::

  1. Perform basic screening of potential study patients

  2. Communicate with physicians and research staff on study progress and participate in regular research meetings

  3. Discuss study procedures with patients and investigators; carry out patient enrollment into studies

  4. Track and perform patient follow-up visits

  5. Update and maintain data spreadsheets

  6. Assist with internship program though mentoring and clinical support



In addition the Research Assistant will:

  1. Become thoroughly familiar with protocols, informed consent, source documentation, electronic data capturing (EDC) systems, the Institutional Review Board (IRB), and patient-reported outcomes for the research studies

  2. Generate reports for investigators and sponsors on patient enrollment and tracking

  3. Maintain strict confidentiality of patients, employees and company information at all times and adhere to HIPAA Guidelines



The Research Assistant may perform other duties not specifically listed in this job description as assigned by their immediate supervisor.

To apply for this position, please complete and send an application to:  Kyle.Adams@hawkinsfoundation.com 


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