A family of orthopaedic fellows

The Hawkins Society is a family of orthopaedic fellows who share the distinction of having participated in a postgraduate education program under the direction of Dr. Richard Hawkins. More than 200 orthopaedic surgeons are included in the family that spans the globe. This group comes together for an annual conference and also works together on a daily basis through electronic notes that results in a very unique and unsurpassed patient consultation.

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Recent Fellows:

2019- 2020 Fellows:  


Back row from left: Jason Folk, John Arvesen, Thomas Kaiser, Mike Kissenberth, Stefan Tolan

Front row from left: Briggs Ahearn, Keith Lonergan, Jeremy McCallum

2018- 2019 Fellows:  


Back row from left:  Stephan Pill, Mike Kissenberth, Chuck Thigpen, Paul Siffri, Stefan Tolan, Keith Lonergan, Doug Wyland

Front row from left: Jared Hudspeth, Patrick Dickerson, Ashley Ali,  Rob Longstaffe

2017- 2018 Fellows:  


Back row from left:  Keith Lonergan, Chuck Thigpen, Ellen Shanley,  Mike Kissenberth, Stefan Tolan, Doug Wyland

Front row from left: JT Glomset, Joel Campbell, Ryan Rowland, Lane Rush

2016- 2017 Fellows:  


Back row from left:  Jason Folk, John Tokish, Mike Kissenberth, Stefan Tolan, Keith Lonergan, Doug Wyland

Front row from left: Adam Kwapisz, Jason Rogers, Amit Momaya, Steve Choate, Tal Hendrix

2015- 2016 Fellows:  


Back row from left: Keith Lonergan, Mike Kissenberth, Jason Folk, John Tokish, Richard Hawkins

Front row from left: Jeff Abildgaard, Troy Roberson, Colten Luedke, Jared Bentley