Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are ongoing at Hawkins Foundation. In these studies, physicians review a particular aspect of care, try to identify if it can be improved upon and determine how to change the care for a better patient outcome. Additionally, in retrospective studies, researchers look at common trends of patient files to try and identify any type of common parameters that may have affected their progress or outcome.
Preclinical Studies

Our scientific studies seek to find solutions to common orthopaedic disorders. With the baby boomer population aging, the number of patients needing total joint replacements will soon outnumber the amount of surgeons available to do these types of procedures. We are exploring – through scientific studies – ways that these total joint replacements can be delayed or even prevented with cartilage regeneration. Through this and other types of scientific studies, developing future solutions for diseases such as arthritis and other common orthopaedic problems may become a reality.
Outcomes Database

Perhaps one of the best examples of Hawkins commitment to research is seen in the outcomes database. Our goal is to collect data prescribed through a variety of outcome measurement tools designed from the knee and shoulder. Through
an initial question/answer session, subsequent sessions throughout recovery and beyond, researchers can determine the correlations of diagnosis and treatments to specific patient outcomes. This information helps guide clinical care and is shared with the orthopaedic community through research publication.